Water Softener WS655 15mm Full up to 13 People

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A Water Softener is a water treatment device which uses an ion exchange process to remove the minerals which are responsible for scale and scum. It leaves the user with water that is kinder to the skin and allows soaps, shampoos and detergents to lather and rinse away more easily, saving time and money.

When choosing a water softener, a number of factors should be taken into consideration including water hardness, flow rate, daily water consumption, pressure, and system design. As a guide, when sizing a water softener, please allow 140 litres of water per person per day.

Unlike most other forms of water treatment, softened water can be stored until required without reverting back to its untreated state.

WS Series Premium Water Softeners

A concise range of technically advanced high quality, high specification, ion exchange water softeners, designed and developed for the UK home and plumbing systems. Beautifully made, efficient and fully automatic, the WS range of water softeners are easy to live with. Once installed and commissioned, there is little to do other than the occasionally topping up of the unit with salt.

Low water and salt usage = lower operating costs.

Sleek modern design = fits comfortably into most kitchen environments

Advanced electronic control systems = trouble free luxury water

Rotary valve = reliability

Robust construction = durability

Easy set up = simple operation

4 models to choose from (14 – 25 litres) = system compatibility

Built and tested to BS EN 14743 = peace of mind

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